Wedding Dress Cleaning Services

Cleaning aims to safely remove unwanted soils, stains, and other contaminants. When cleaning a garment we prioritize the preservation of its original condition, its color, texture, and structural integrity. Removing stains and other contaminants makes the textile more chemically stable and contributes to the garment’s structural integrity.

man working on a dress

When working with complex, delicate three dimensional textiles like couture wedding gowns, it is important to use specialized techniques and detergents to avoid stressing or damaging delicate fibers, eliminating the risk of damage during the cleaning process.

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Each garment in our care receives a customized treatment plan based on its characteristics. Our conservators prioritize the long-term stability and integrity of the fiber to preserve the garment’s beauty and longevity. By employing gentle techniques, mild cleaning agents, and expert knowledge, conservation cleaners ensure that garments receive the care that they need to remain pristine for future generations.

“J.Scheer & Co. is the only firm I would ever send my delicate gowns to for cleaning and restoration. Their expertise in the cleaning of couture fabrics is unmatched by anyone in the business.”